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Your Land, Our Care
Our regular weekly pool maintenance includes:

1. Vaccum out debris

2. Brush wall, steps and sides

3. Application of required chemicals

4. Back washing and rinsing filters

5. Leaf basket cleaning

6. Test water chemistry and apply chemicals to balance pH as necessary

7. Perform visual inspection of all pumps and assorted equipments

8. Filter service and sand change

9. Cleaning of mosaic tiles
We offer  Services as follows:

Day services

Weekly services

Fortnight services

Monthly services
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Permanent staff on site larger properties such as Complexes, Schools, Hospitals and Estates which have a fixed contracts.

Services include:

1. Mowing of lawn

2. Weed removal

3. Racking and sweeping of necessary areas

4. Removal refuse related to the service

5. Dead heading all flowers

6. Hedge and tree trimming

7. Planting of new trees and flowers

8. Watering the lawn and flower beds

9. Sweeping/Blowing dry leaves in the drive ways

10. Turning of flower beds

11. Lopping of dead leaves

12. Cleaning

13. Pruning of plants